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The road to Myrtle!

The road to Myrtle!

Hi everyone – welcome to our blog!

My name is Hannah, I recently turned 30 (ahhhh) and currently live with my partner Joe and Labradigner Jessie in Cardiff, South Wales. We have been a happy little family for 8 years and have tough yet rewarding jobs, I as a primary school teacher and Joe as a sales manager (Jessie’s main worries are whether there will be leftovers for her after our evening meals!)

We are active, creative and impulsive and have always enjoyed trips to the beach and mountains, eating and drinking in pubs and watching chick-flicks under a blanket on a rainy day! However, since turning 30 we have both felt an urge to see more of the world, near and far. Not that we don’t appreciate and enjoy Cardiff for all it has to offer. So how do two people with 9-5s that they enjoy, satisfy their urge to travel? They buy a 1980’s camper of course, despite the fact that they know nothing about them and did very little research before the purchase (slap on wrists). In short, we found Myrtle on Gumtree on a Friday and were driving her home the following Tuesday, full of excitement… and apprehension.

This all happened only a few weeks ago yet we have already made some exciting and funny memories! But more importantly, so far we have managed to avoid any major emergencies and have found plenty of time to make the most of our little house on wheels!

So why start a blog?

Since having the van, I found myself taking pictures and documenting all our travels on Instagram. Over the last 3 years, as well as our trips in Myrtle we have been lucky enough to enjoy 4 fantastic holidays to Barcelona, Corfu, New York and Crete. I have enjoyed connecting with other travelers through our pictures and wanted to take my travel blogging to the next level. I am quite nervous about the step as I am by no means a good writer, or photographer for that matter. However what I do have is enthusiasm, passion and a phone! So if you are at all interested in two very normal Welsh people’s travels with and without Myrtle then stick with us.

Oh and for all you dog lovers Joe is slightly obsessed with taking pictures and talking about Jessie so stay tuned for updates on her too!   🙂

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